Psychosomatic info

Osteoarthritis is a disease of joint wear of the cartiledge; arthritis is the inflmmatory variant. Mostly arthrose is localized but may also attain the whole body. The pain it causes usually appears after a sustained effort and disappears at rest.

Osteoarthritis most often affects the limbs we use to move forward into the world (legs and feet) or to get involved with the world (hands). It is our Soul that speaks to us through this disease. It tries to make us understand that our way of moving forward or getting involved is not the right way – right in the sense that it makes us suffer and does not lead us to happiness.

When I suffer from osteoarthritis, it is as if I amplify my attitudes and rigid thoughts more. This illness is related to a mental hardening, to an absence of heat in my thoughts often in relation to authority. Cold and humidity accelerate the onset of osteoarthritis. It is the exaggerated motivation to perform an action without seeking rest or balance (I go to the end of my limits without stopping to wonder if I am asking too much), an impression of suffering a person or a situation that has now become intolerable, or a strong repressed reaction to any form of authority. I am very uncompromising and rigid towards myself. My body is talking to me and I’d better listen to it right now! I can integrate this illness by consciously beginning to accept that I am experiencing anger and that my thoughts are rigid. The energy that flows through me can become more fluid, harmonious, in motion. By being open at the heart to this energy and recognizing that I have something to change, I can reverse the process and improve my health! I become more flexible and accept others as they are, without wanting to change them. The flexibility in my physical body will then reappear. (after Jacques Martel)

Plasma Treatment

  1. Liquid Plasma (LP) mixturekneebrace
    Use a mixture of LP-animal cartilage or gelatine + -CO2 + -CaO + -ZnO + -CH3 + -girofloss + -shungite powder. Make double patches with a small difference in concentration.
    While rebuilding the cartilage with the LP you should avoid any load on the knee; this can be done with a knee brace for at least 4 weeks.
  2. Liquid Plasma Bath
    Soak hands and feet in warm water with 1/2 cup PL-CO2
  3. Arthritis/Arthrosis Lotion
    Use the LP mixture (point 1) and mix it with a ready made lotion 50:50
    After the bath massage feet and hands with Arthritis/Arthrosis Lotion


Be very careful to walk with your heels first and roll your foot afterwards. The canals in the bones work like piano strings; if they do not resonate with the Ca available in the lymph, the Ca will not be absorbed but will be led to the end of the bone and deposited there: in the joint. In this way arthritis is created (together with osteoporosis). Walking the heel (or tapping the heel) can restore the right frequency for Ca absorption.