Second degree burns


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Second degree burns


Burns from different physical sources (heat, cold, etc.) cause different levels of skin damage.

Second degree burns are characterized by : Blisters, deep redness, burned area may appear wet and shiny, skin that is painful to the touch, burn may be white or discoloured in an irregular pattern.

Psychosomatic Info

The skin is the boundary between the inside and the outside, between my inner universe and the world around me.

There is something burning inside me: deep pain, deep and violent repressed emotions (anger, grief, despair) so that I turn all this against myself in the form of guilt and self-punishment (burning). I’m checking the burned part of the body. For the hands, it’s probably because I feel guilty about something related to a situation in the present. For the feet, they concern the future and the next direction of my actions. Maybe I’m afraid my projects will go up in smoke. I may also have a burning desire to be with someone I love.

There are different types of burns that are classified according to their degree:

  1. Degree: affects the superficial part of the skin, such as sunburn. It may involve annoyance in situations in my life.
  2. Degree: More about pain in relation to one or more aspects of my life that I consider important.
  3. Degree: which affect the skin in all its depth, can attack a muscle, tendon or organ. These burns correspond to intense anger and aggressiveness that pierce my natural physical and psychological protections.

All the divine qualities (love, tenderness, respect, etc.) can be manifested to allow me to integrate the experience of a significant burn. Instead of seeing only the difficulties and problems of my life, I accept to see love now in every situation of my life. Love is everywhere and I remain open to learn from my experiences. This is the normal process of integration at the heart level.

Plasma Processing

  1. Spray a mixture of LP-50% CO2 + 50% CuO on the burns immediately after the accident.
  2. Do not cover the burn but blow the scald with a cooling fan until the hot tingling sensation of the skin disappears. The layer of water sprayed on the surface of the skin will evaporate. Repeat spraying when the skin is half-dry. Depending on the degree of scald, this process may vary from 30 minutes to several hours.
  3. After the surface of the hot tingling sensation disappears, you will feel a burning sensation deep inside the skin. In this case, please cover the entire surface of the skin with gauze, a cotton pad or a clean paper towel soaked with ZnO GANS Water. Cover an area 5 cm bigger on all sides.
  4. Keep the gauze completely wet for a minimum of three minutes until the burning sensation inside of the skin does not reappear; then remove the gauze.
  5. Usually the next day there will not be pain anymore, even if small blisters appear.


  • Submerge the burned limb in PL-CO2+ZnO or immediately spray the burn with PL-CO2. For burns in the mouth, take PL-CO2 in the mouth, stir and leave to work for 3 minutes then swallow.
  • Place the burn between two coplanar coils; one is connected to a plasma battery and also by a nano-plated wire to the second coil. Put a patch between the skin and the coils. Leave on for 2-3 hours. The skin will heal in 2-3 days.
  • Patches of GaNS-CO2 on the wound; use the antenna through the patch. GaNS-shungite powder is very helpful.
  • Use Plasma Transfer Cup: copy the structure of an intact skin area into an amount of distilled water; then patch or spray this water onto the affected areas. You can also add to this action by spraying the burned skin with the same liquid several times a day.