Aussi: Alopecia Universalis


Baldness is the permanent (partial or total) loss of hair. Researchers think that alopecia universalis is an immune system disorder, where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. This attack makes the hair fall out.

Psychosomatic Info

Often, if I lose my hair, I experience one or more situations where the tension is so high that I “pull my hair out”.

Hair reflects a certain inner strength. American Indian soldiers, for example, could only use their ability to ‘feel’ the enemy when their hair was not cut like other soldiers. Hair represents the link between the physical and the spiritual, which connects me to the cosmos and spiritual energy. They are often compared to an antenna of the Soul realm.

Hair loss means that I have moved away from the divine within me. I moved away from my Soul more focusing on the material rather than the spiritual level. I may have a lot of intuition, but I prefer to stick more to more material, more rational aspects.

I try to control everything as much as possible because I’m afraid of opening up and losing control. Any inner fear leads to inability to act, despair and tensions catch me off guard.

I want to learn that I don’t have to fight because life is always supporting me and it will help me if I listen to it and stay open. All I have to do is ask in peace and quiet and life will give me. I want to learn to trust life and my Soul and see the solutions wherever they exist! The world is here to help me. What else do I need?

Plasma Processing

  1. Considering that baldness is often related to a virus infection, an attack against the auto-immune system, the first thing is to get the virus (often herpes) out of the system by creating a GaNS-CO2 in the presence of a drop of blood which contains the virus’ signature. Add LP-CuO which has anti-viral qualities.
  2. In order to cover the psycho-somatic aspect, LP-ZnO could be used: 30ml PL-ZnO in the morning and mid-day and 60ml PL-ZnO before going to sleep.
  3. To consciously process the mental aspect of the condtion, you can book a session of ‘The Work’.