Cancer general

You can make a Red Blood Cell Mineral test to find out which metal is the seed metal of your cancer:

Total Cancer bath therapy

Tumor reduction is visible already after several weeks of treatment.

  1. Make a GaNS of the metal that has been found in the red blood cells metal test (for example calcium (Ca)

  2. You need these 3 components :

    1. Component 1
      Fill a 1 gallon (5 liter) water bottle with 20ml of the GaNS-metal and fill the bottle up with demineralized water; shake it and let it settle over night. Take 2 liters off the top to put it into your bath water

    2. Component 2
      Prepare some drops (small syringe) of LP+GaNS-metal to put in the bath water

    3. Component 3
      Prepare 2 or more smaller bottles with LP+GaNS-CO2, close them and let them float in the bath water

Procedure :

Take a full bath 3x/day for 1 hour; discard the water after each bath.

  1. Pour a full warm bath

  2. Pour 2 liters of component 1 into the bath water

  3. Place the containers of component 3 floating in the bath water

  4. Lay down in the bath

  5. Add the few drops of component 2 near to where your cancer is

  6. Drain all of the bath water after the bath