Cartilage, regeneration


Cartilage, regeneration

By Dr Luis Reyes

Preparation of Cartilage Regeneration GaNS 1 (GaNS specific or personal):

  • take about 50 grams of Rosemary, peppermint or mint, Sage and thyme and chop them into small pieces, mixing them together
  • do this outside in the open air; wear eye protection and gloves; cover them with a layer of NaOH; slowly pour boiling LP-CO2 over all
  • cover with a lid and leave for 7 days protected from direct sunlight
  • wash it 6-10x with LP-CO2 to get rid of the caustic
  • Make the Cartilage Regeneration Mix:
    • 20% LP-CO2
    • 20% LP-ZnO
    • 20% LP-CH3
    • 40% LP-plant mix described above
    • some drops of amino acids

Drink 30ml of the LP 3x/day

Preparation of Cartilage Regeneration GaNS 2 (GaNS specific or personal):

  1. Mix the following LP:
    • 10% LP-CO2
    • 10% LP-CuO
    • 10% LP-Ca
    • 5% LP-ZnO
    • 5% LP-CH3
    • 5% LP-haemoglobin
    • 5% LP-Mg
    • 20% LP-cartilage regen gans 1
    • 20% LP-collagen
    • few drops of amino acids


  1. Use the mix inside a Universal Health Unit (40min/day) or add it to your bath.
  2. Make 2x double patches (100% : 30%) and sandwich the affected area in between them
  3. Use a Respiratory System 50 % LP-Co2 + 50 % LP-ZnO


By Dr.Luis Reyes

You can make the GaNS-collagen from calf’s foot, fish bones (scales and skin) or chicken (contains also chondroitin (can prevent cartilage breaking down and can also stimulate its repair) and glucosamine (reduces arthritic pain, swelling etc)

  1. Cook it until soft, let it cool and remove the fat and oil that floating on the surface
  2. Blend the solids and put them in a plastic container with a lid
  3. Cover everything with a layer of caustic soda, add hot water and close the lid
  4. Leave it for 7 days; then rinse it with distilled water (6-10x until pH neutral); the last rinse is done with LP-Co2; leave it for about 8 hours


  • helps avoid premature ageing
  • strengthens tendons, cartilage and ligaments
  • restores skin tissues and cartilage, helps with arthritis
  • softens skin, stimulates production of new cells. Collagen you can also get from the fish bones, the scales and the skin. Also from the skin and cartilage of the chicken breast containing chondroitin and Glucosamine.
    BY Dr Luis Reyes.


  • In patches
  • spray directly on the skin
  • incorporate it into creams along with bee wax