Jerry Tennant – Healing is voltage

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Solution can be electron donor (-) or electron stealer (+). Our cells operate in health in a pH range between 7.35-7.45 which equals a tension of -20mV to -25mV. That means we need -25mV to run our cells in a healthy way and we need -50mV to renew our cells.

Our body needs to constantly renew our cells in order to stay healthy; on of the reasons for this is the life span of the phorphorus (P). The table on the side shows the avereage turnover times for body cells.

Bacteria, fungus and cancer cells die at a pH of 7.8-8.8 (-50mV to -105mV). Tiredness occurs at -15mV (pH 7.26); sickness at -10mV (pH7.18); organ failure at -5mV (pH7.09); at 0mV (pH7) the polarity of the environment changes from electron donor (-) to electron stealer (+). Pain occurs at 5mV (pH6.91); the oxygen levels decrease at 10mV(pH6.83); viral infections happen at 15mV (pH6.74) ; bacterial infections at 20mV (pH6.65), fungal infections at 25mV (pH6.56) and DNA damage (cancer) occurs at 30+ mV (pH6.48).

The given pH values in the table to the left are referring to the cell pH; the measured saliva pH is 0.8 lower (example cell pH=8.8 equals a saliva pH=8.0). If we consider the difference using 2 copper pipe probes in humid hands the same as the saliva, we have to add also 0.8pH. The equivalent of pH 0.8 is 45.71mV. For example the voltmeter measures -11.4mV when you hold the probes in your hands; we have to add -45.71mV and have a result of -57.11mV.

This table shows us that chronic diseases can only occur when the renewal capacity of the cells is impeded. To build new cells, you need -50mV energy (pH 8) and all the other components to build a cell (amino acids, minerals, etc). Additionally we would have to control the toxins in food, pharmaceuticals, air and water as well…

Concerning the energy supply , the body has 4 battery packs: muscles with fascia, cell membranes, mitochondria (cell batteries) and DNA. Every organ of our body has its own battery pack. The individual battery packs are connected by meridians; as for example the stomach circuit: brain > macula of the eye > thyroid > breasts > stomach > male genitals > front of knees > back of leg > big toe.

All the different circuits go through the teeth which act like circuit breakers. For example the teeth of the upper molars and the lower pre-molars are the circuit breakers for the stomach circuit.

The teeth work very much like the nodes in the lymphatic system. Most chronic disease begin with an negative emotional event causing a magnetic field in a tooth, which blocks the flow of electrons , lowering the voltage in that circuit. Additionally negative emotions block the dental pump, allowing for decay and infections to occur, further lowering the voltage in that circuit. Decaying teeth actually resemble corroded batteries. When the infection in the tooth (which lowers the voltage) migrates into the bone (the current is cut off). This typically happens the root canals, where the root is drilled open and the nerve extracted; subsequently the tooth dies and all dead tissue gets infected – a natural decomposition process – , and the infection migrates into the bone.

So we can understand that if the current in our body circuits drops lower than -50mV, we cannot renew our cells connected into that particular circuit. When it drop further below -25mV, our cells cannot function properly anymore. Serious chronic diseases like cancer appear from +30mV and higher.

Another effect of voltage drop is that the oxygen dissolved in the water diminishes and the efficiency of metabolism (healing) is controlled by the oxygen which is controlled by the voltage… in the wake less energy in the cells is available and the cellular batteries can’t get recharged.

Furthermore parasites, like bacteria, viruses etc, are controlled by oxygen – so they proliferate unimpeded when the voltage and oxygen supply is low.

So what can we do?

For healing to occur, -50mV need to be supplied. This can be done by the Bio-Transducer developed by Dr. Tennant.

And we can also work on the cause, the emotional level. We have seen that emotions are magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can be changed by stronger magnetic fields. Here the Plasma Science comes in because a Plasma is gravitational-magnetic field. So by applying LP-CO2 we balance the situation and with LP-ZnO we work on the emotional level to balance. We can also apply LP-CH3 which gives energy on plasmatic level like the transducer on a material level.

How to measure yourself?

  1. Cut 2 copper tubes (3/4”) 6” long.
  2. Attach the 2 terminals of a multimeter to the 2 tubes
  3. Before measuring, moisten both tubes with water for better electrical conductivity.