Psychosomatic Information

Eczema is a skin condition with red areas that can appear in both adults and children. I am a hypersensitive person. I haven’t learned to love myself and, because I’m afraid of being hurt, I live a lot based on what others expect of me. I am afraid of being abandoned. If I have eczema, I have already experienced a very intense separation, which can even go back to when I was in my mother’s womb. In my life, I will tend to recreate situations where I feel separated, especially from the people I love. Eczemas are “touching” the skin. What I miss, even unconsciously, is the contact, the touch of the person before the separation, which I have now lost or rarely have.

So our skin is the organ that makes contact with the other person and my skin expresses its need to be touched in the form of eczema. This leads me to isolate myself, withdraw and depreciate myself. I constantly forget myself in regard to others. It’s very important to me what people may think of me or how they perceive me. The image I project is very important. I find it hard to be me. Not knowing where my destiny is leading me causes me a lot of anxiety and then anxiety gets to me. I go from despair to revolt or anger. This “simmering” despair will “erupt” in waves. All these factors combined lead me to experience frustration and irritation.

Even though I try to please everyone, I fail to take into consideration my own needs; all this in order to make myself loved by others. I act according to the expectations of others instead of doing what I like. I reject who I am. I don’t love myself as I am, so the fact that the skin, which is apparent and which everyone can see is in poor condition, or even “ugly”, will confirm in the physical body how I perceive myself internally. The more I reject myself and the more I attract people around me by whom I will have the impression of being rejected; my fear of rejection will manifest itself! This leads me to “retreat” and cut myself off from external reality when deep down inside, what I want is to get closer to people.

I have to let go of certain attitudes, certain mental patterns in order to detach myself from my past and focus on the actions I need to take in order to realize my potential. I have to accept myself as I am and love myself. What I don’t give to myself – I cannot receive from others either. I therefore identify my real needs and I act according to them. I learn to live fully in the present moment, knowing that each gesture I make today forms my tomorrow. I move forward in life with confidence.

Processing with the Plasma Technology

Oral treatment:

  1. Drink 30ml of the mixture 50%PL-CO2+50%PL-ZnO 2x/day
  2. Drink 60ml of 20%PL-CO2+80%PL-ZnO before going to bed

External treatment:

  • Spray the skin with the first mixture as much as you like for relief.

Carapa procera oil (carapa, African tree) is a material remedy that also seems to be effective.