Corona-Virus Blueprint day

Viruses General Information

And for you to understand how these viruses attach themselves to us, as human being, is important to understand the creation of life on this planet. Part of what you call viruses are part of the creation and evolution of life on this planet. So the viruses haven’t all been bad. Some of them have caused us to evolve faster. Some of them have created for us a different direction of life.

How Viruses grow

By Céline Wang from KSW215

We said the strongest gives to the weakest. If you have stronger Soul, she will give so much to another Soul until the other one becomes the same as you.

A virus grows in more or less the same way: it latches unto a host cell, takes from it’s energy to balance itself with it. Then it moves on to the next, and that’s why they grow so fast. But when you use something which can take the energy away, everything collapses.

How do viruses attach themselves to host cells? It’s the alkaline, the gravitational energy which can attract and attach to itself to an entity. The most common gravitational energy is oxygen, a component of amino acids (C-O-H-N). So all the viruses in the atmospheric condition of the Earth will attach themselves to a strength level of the oxygen of the body of the Man.

To process viruses we have to use the same oxygen link; this is provided by the GaNS of CO2 or ZnO; or a stronger GaNS of a higher element. The higher the element you have, the higher strength of the oxygen you are carrying within the structure. For example in the GaNS of CuO and ZnO, both have oxygen, but the strength of the oxygen in the ZnO (65.38) is higher than the strength of the Oxygen in CuO (63.546). Then you have an oxidized hydrogen in water (H2O). The energy of the Oxygen here, to attach itself to two Hydrogen, it’s very weak. But you cannot use the GaNS of any heavy element, because you need also consider that the field strength needs to be connected to the body or the emotion of man; and that is case with the GaNS of CO2, CuO and ZnO.

Why some elements never get oxidized? Because they carry the energy level of oxygen within the structure of themselves. They are balanced in respect to oxygen, consequently they can never be attracted to it. This is on the level of Plasma fields. Understand this, you understand most of the World of the Plasma.

In other parts of the Universe, il will not be oxygen but something else; it could be Zn or Plutonium.

Processing Viruses

And that’s what we do, we introduce a weaker element; we are not giving it a stronger field to destroy it. It’s the opposite. We go the path of peace, the way the knowledge has showed us. We make a patch with a much weaker gravitational-magnetic field than the field of the virus. Then what happens? The virus tries to feed it, to bring it to it’s own level, that it can become part of it. And in that process the virus becomes so weak that it collapses into non-specific amino acids. These are eliminated together with the Liquid Plasma (PL) from the body.

And in that process the energy of the virus becomes the food for repairing the damages of other viruses. At the same time, the LP goes on taking more of the next virus cell; and then the next. And in the process of depleting the energy of the virus, the latter becomes food for the body of the man.