Corona Virus (Flu)


Specifics of flu viruses


There is an interesting phenomenon about flu, which can teach us something new: we always get flu in the winter time, when the body has to spend more of its strength to overcome the cold, then its protection level is low, and gets different kinds of flu.

The African flu is very different. It’s coming during the heat in the summer time into China. Which is very unusual. It has shown us a new strand of the flu virus. And this is one of the reasons has not mutated to human body yet.

It’s the first time, more or less, we see summer flu in the pigs. But it’s not transferring itself into human race. It’s not mutating. Somehow it does not find a connection because in the summer time, we are strong enough to stand this, we don’t get the flu.

On the other hand flu viruses are mutating at a fast rate, so the efficiency of vaccines is questionable; as you get vaccinated against a certain virus strength and a few weeks later it has already mutated to another strength.

Corona Wuhan Virus

The time again has come that the flue virus is on a rampage across the world. Here’s what google has to say about the coronavirus:

Coronaviruses are types of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tract of mammals, including humans. They are associated with the common cold, pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and can also affect the gut. The symptoms can be mild to very heavy like the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

At this time there is a severe outbreak in China, where this day already 17 people have died, which forces the government to limit or even shut down air travel to certain cities most affected by the epidemic. The KF is bringing the solution to the problem via the Plasma Science and Technology.

The KF and all Chinese knowledge seekers are called to make all their GaNS resources available to the Chinese Nation to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. The processing of the corona virus is like a child’s play compared the swine pest virus, treated successfully by the KF last year. M. Keshe adds that “This is a magnificent exercise for us because in space there are no bacteria but lots of viruses and we have to learn to deal with them before we fly away”.

Right now we are already on a space ship called Earth and we are constantly attacked by viruses. And while travelling in space we may be infected with a certain virus that corresponds in its strength to our emotions when we feel homesick, for example.

The people who catch this virus need to have a specific common energy denominator with the source of the virus.

In the case of the Wuhan SARS Virus, the most recent strand of corona virus that has occurred, the WHO states that the origin of this strand, as many other corona virus strands, are wild animals kept in cages. So the virus develops by animals who live significant emotional stress caused by us who keep them in inhumane conditions.

Its the emotional connection that focuses the disease area to the respiratory tract which are the tissues surrounding the heart, what we consider the seat of our emotions. The virus passes from animals to man or from man to man only when the emotional field strength of donor and receiver are matching. In the psychosomatic language this means that in order to catch the virus you need to feel like a “caged animal”.

 In a way this disease happens to man as a consequence of what he is doing that is harming animals; we are harvesting the fruits of our own conduct”. M. Keshe

We have to solve this problem on the emotional level and not on the physical one; and conventional medicine has nothing to work on the emotional level. And we as a humanity absolutely have to change our ways of animal husbandry, so that the animals are enjoying being taken care of by us! This is the only way to prevent viruses.


To process this corona virus, we are trying to bring balance between physicality and emotion by introducing a GaNS of similar field strength including the connection with the amino-acids:

The amino-acids of ZnO, CuO (link to the body) and CO2 (link between the emotions and the body). The GaNS application needs to be of lesser strength than the virus, so the virus, in trying to feed the weaker GaNS, will deplete itself and the symptoms will disappear.


This system is composed of a extended CO2, CuO, ZnO production setup. You can learn how to do it yourself following this link.

Usage of the 1Cup=1Life

Only use the clear water; never use the powdery sediment; the latter is ONLY for multiplication. This mix can be applied on any protective breathing mask to transfer the fields into the respiratory tract, where the virus is lodged. Wash your hands frequently with the same mixture. You can use the mixture as well to add to your cleaning and washing water.

You can take a few drops of this mixture on your tongue or on your mask to have a protection against the corona virus. When you drink it, the fields will be transferred from the stomach to your lungs – in the prescribed small amount, the energy level in the stomach will be weak compared to the strong field strength of the virus in the lungs.

How to use 1Cup=1Life

It is suggested to use the 3 ways together:

  • Spray the clear liquid on your protective mask and breath the plasma air
  • Or drink 100-200ml/day from the clear liquid
  • Wash your hands and face often with the Liquid Plasma and let dry




1Cup=1Life, Cure and Prevention

Here are some ways to apply the unwashed 1C=1L GaNS water.

  1. The inoculated protective mask serves to prevent infection.
    Spray the outside of the protective mask with the liquid plasma (PL) of 1Cup=1Life; after putting the mask on, you will breath the plasmatic fields of the 1Cup=1Life.
    If you use the protective mask, be very careful to never touch the front of the mask where viruses may be present otherwise you may infect yourself! After removing the mask, spray your hands and your face with the 1C=1L GaNS water.
  2. The Hookah is a tool that helps you process the infection.
    You can fabricate yourself a 1Cup=1Life Hookah. If you can get hold of an oxygen mask, you can attach it to the breathing tube of the Hookah. In this way you can breath the plasmatic fields through the nose, which is more efficient because the airstream passes close to the seat of the Soul.
  3. When you travel by public transport (air, train, bus etc) spray the seats with the 1C=1L GaNS water before you sit down.