Virus Processing


Processing Viruses

From the KSW135

Plasma technology is suitable for dealing with viruses. Viruses dock to their respective host cells. CO2 GANS Water is capable of separating this connection, by interaction of the fields of the CO2 GANS Water with the fields of the virus, and by creating a field balance so that no further fields are available for a reconnection with the host cell.

Required materials: CO2 GANS Water.


  1. At the moment one perceives an infection, and a physician has determined it is a viral infection, take 2-3 tsp of CO2 GANS Water.
  2. Continue taking the same dose for 2 to 5 days. The virus should disappear. Even if it is still there, it will no longer be effective.

In rare, very serious cases, add in a ratio of 1:10 of CuO GANS Water: 9 drops of CO2 GANS Water + 1 drop of CuO GANS Water

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