Information on the energy plan

The swelling of the feet attracts our attention and the attention of everyone else to our feet. Our feet are the base on which we stay and the means by which we move. Through this illness our soul asks us to look closely at the basis of our life.

My feet give me stability in my movements towards a goal, a desire or a direction. They help me feel safe in my relationship with the universe. It is through my feet that I move on the path of life. When my feet hurt, I have to slow down. Is it out of boredom or discouragement with all my responsibilities and all the things I have to do that seem impossible to do? Or on the contrary, don’t I go at 300 kilometres an hour and my body tells me to slow down before « making an accident »?

A restraint of my emotions in front of the direction to take in my life will result in swollen feet.

Plasmatic treatment

Experiments in Ghana have shown good results with Elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis). Conventional medicine has no solution for this; it is a parasite (worm). By using PL-CuO treatments, a little PL-CO2 and PL-ZnO that brought the foot back to normal.

  1. Multiply the PL+GaNS-CuO, PL+GaNAS-CO2 and PL+GaNS-ZnO (see here)
  2. Mix the Liquid Plasmas (clear liquid from the multiplication) as follows: 5p PL-CuO + 1p PL-CO2 + 1p PL-ZnO
  3. Drink 3x/day 30ml of this mixture
  4. Wash your feet as often as you like with the same mixture. This washing is also a ritual – remember that Jesus washed everyone’s feet before the last supper?

You see on the image to the right that the skin opens and the worms leave the body; each point we see is a verse.