Anemia is a situation where the bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells.

Psychosomatic Infos

Blood represents joy in living, Love and emotions. This condition is related to a lack of joy, strength and depth in the Love I feel for myself and for others. I depreciate myself in what makes me live, what carries me in my life, especially my hopes and aspirations. I live my life in a “Yes, but…” mode, therefore with little or no interest, feeling myself restricted by everything. I feel that I am not strong enough to achieve my deepest desires. I have the impression of being drained of energy that I turn pale – as if someone was ‘sucking’ my blood. I have no motivation because I don’t know, deep down, what truly pleases me. I am not in contact with my inner self.

Plasma Treatment

  • Cover the knees and the hips with patches of LP-CO2+CH3+small amount of amino acids

  • Cover the femurs with patches of LP-CO2+ZnO