Table des matières




There are points on your body where you can check for fibromyalgia:

  1. Squeeze each of the tendons in the back of your heel (point 1 and 2)
  2. Push into the tendons on the inside of the upper leg, close to the sex (points 3 and 4)
  3. Press the two points on your shoulder blades (points 5 and 6)
  4. Press the two points are under your arms between the ribs (points 7 and 8)
  5. Press the two points are in front of your chest near the collar bone (points 9 and 10)
  6. Press the two points are on your neck below your ear (points 11 and 12)
  7. Press the two more points in the sacrum area (points 13 and 14)
  8. Press the two more on the sinuses each side of your nose (points 15 and 16)
  9. Press the two are on the outside side of your breast (points 17 and 18)
  10. If your are past puberty, the last two points change: they are now in the direct line down the nipple on the last rib. When the abuse has happened after puberty it doesn’t result in fibromyalgia but in chronic fatigue. Such abuse happens if the person puts others on pedestals of power (over them); then they may abuse you as being incompetent. The victims often accept the abuse, “because I have to get the bread on the table”.

If any of these points are very painful to the touch, you have fibromyalgia. You have it because you have been abused by friends of family members before the age of 12-14; or you have been bullied as a child. To control the pain requires often so much energy that these people cannot really work and they are often very tired

Most often FM victims have sloping shoulders that already signal submissiveness.