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Energetic infos

Skin covers my entire body and delimits what is ‘inside’ from what is ‘outside’, namely my individuality. By its surface size, my skin is the most salient organ of my body. It is a protective layer that precisely defines my vital space and faithfully and unconsciously allows my inner state to show through: it is therefore a link in my relation with my entourage (I in my relation to others). My skin is the extension of my felt experience, of my inner sensitivity. It is the mirror of my inner life, my calling card. It analyzes all contact information. If I am a gentle person, so will my skin. If I am very highly sensitive, my skin will also be very sensitive. On the contrary, if I am rather hard with myself or with others, my skin too will be hard and thick. If my skin is irritated, then someone or something in my life is irritating me. Great insecurity makes my skin sweaty, whereas skin that perspires a lot evacuates the emotions that I hold back and that I need to release. A disease that ‘touches’ my skin indicates that I am experiencing difficulties in communicating with my entourage. I feel a loss in my soundness of health. The state of my skin indicates the state of my relations with others. My individuality is called into question, my intimacy and my vulnerability may be threatened. What are my limits? What are my zones of intolerance? My skin reacts when I need to touch and be touched, and I experience a deprivation in that respect. That is why I may develop eczema or psoriasis at the time of a separation, for instance: my skin is experiencing stress; it is in a state of need and becomes red with anger, not understanding why it is not receiving affection and tenderness. I am feeling an immense affective coldness and having difficulty in acclimatizing to my new life or my new situation. The quality of my relations with the outside world will thus be represented by the state of my skin.


Snoring is of course a psychosomatic problem. It occurs when a person is facing a perceived injustice and feels that he cannot express himself openly about it.

Suggested Processing

  • Do the Work of Byron Katie on the perceived injustice – you can book a session here
  • Take 30ml LP-ZnO before breakfast and lunch; 60ml of the same LP before going to sleep



Mr.Keshe KSW174@1:10 :00

The LCA Protocol is used for 21 days.

Drink 100ml PL-CO2 (made with K salt)+ 100ml PL-Mg 3x/day

Drink 200ml PL-ZnO 2x/day + up to 500ml PL-ZnO before bedtime

wash hair with PL-CO2+ZnO just before bedtime; this creates the equivalent of a weak GaNS patch compared to a strong drinking PL.

The symptoms or areas in which a stroke has occurred vary with age; the person’s concerns at that time are related to the age group to which they belong.

18-25 years: Stroke is often found at the junction between the brain and spinal cord. Stroke is related to the fact that the person has received too much information created in the brain that cannot be received by the body; then the brain blocks. The consequences are often severe paralysis.

35-45 years: stroke results in emotional paralysis, an explanation often not recognized by medicine because there are few physical symptoms: a lot of anger at not being understood, especially by the younger generation; also anger at not having enough time.

50-65 years: at this stage, the personality thinks that she has already lived most of her life and therefore the paralyses are more serious. Especially on the left side (= right side of the brain), which is also the direction of the emotions of the heart. There is little physical damage if the person is at peace with the idea of decline through age.

see also: Vaccines

Suicide Prevention

  1. Mix the following LP : 4p LP-ZnO + 3p LP-CO2 + 2p LP-CH3
    The ZnO helps to dissolve negative emotions, or thought patterns; CH3 gives the energy to be able to get out of the depressive low.
    Dosage : drink 30ml of the mixture 3x/day

  2. Prepare a Breathing Tube with 80% LP-ZnO + 20% LP-CH3 and use it minimum 3 hours/day

Thyroid nodules

Miroslav Bach in the Keshe Plasma Times april 2019.

A 46 year old woman was diagnosed with thyroid nodules and eventually Hashimoto’s disease. She related that the diagnosis was quite accidental, because in the beginning, around 8 years ago, the nodules were tiny. After a few years, however, she began to feel bad. She developed symptoms of very high blood pressure, shortness of breath, a feeling of palpitations, her body temperature fluctuated a lot. The nodules kept on growing and the blood tests were far from encouraging.


Thyroid nodules are solid or fluid-filled lumps that form within the thyroid, a small gland located at the base of the neck, just above your breastbone. The great majority of thyroid nodules aren’t serious and don’t cause symptoms; thyroid cancer accounts for only a small percentage of thyroid nodules.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed. Early on there may be no symptoms. Over time the thyroid may enlarge, forming a painless goiter.


Oral Application of LP:

  1. LP+amino acid of CO2 GaNS, taken daily in any amount
  2. LP-Iodine, 100ml, three times a day (Iodine GaNS was prepared using the caustic soda method using crystalline iodine, 99.8% purity)
  3. LP-CuO, 100ml, three times a week
  4. LP-CH3, 100ml, three times a week

The Liquid Plasma of each of these GaNS was prepared directly by the user, through the field interaction process, in the absence of direct contact of the GaNS material with water. A small bottle with GaNS is submerged in a bottle or jar filled with clean water and left to interact for a minimum of 24 hours.


Wearing three bracelets with LP and a couple of drops of GaNS-CO2, -ZnO, -Iodine, -CuO, and -CH3 respectively.


The application of patches with Liquid Plasma took place after the second test, which confirmed the return to normal parameters.

The patches were prepared in a ratio of approximately 3:1. Each health patch contained 50% LP-CO2 GaNS + couple of drops of GaNS, and 50% LP-Iodine + couple of drops of GaNS material.


After 6 weeks of balancing the body using Liquid Plasma, there was a noticeable improvement in well-being. The symptoms subsided and the positive course of the whole process was confirmed by another ultrasound examination, carried out 7 months after the first examination. Her thyroid gland has completely returned to normal.


(help against damage)

See also: AutismM.Keshe 172nd KSW@2:23:00

Vaccinations are not acceptable in a single application but in 3 applications with a 2 to 3 week delay between each. Single-dose vaccines contain Mercury, an element that causes damage to the child’s nervous system, especially at the age of 2 to 3 years. It often causes dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other problems related to brain development. It is damage to brain cells at the neurological level and can either be protected before vaccination or repaired after vaccination.

In the Plasma Science we do not fight a situation, because generally speaking the fight binds us to our enemy and creates a connection that weakens us, we create another condition. It is recommended to takethe protocol before vaccination preferably, or afterwards to correct the situation

Protocol for the nervous system:

CO2, ZnO, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Folic Acid, EPA. You can also make a Gans of these products to simplify the application and always have the product at home. GaNS-vaccinM.Keshe 172nd KSW@0:58:00Mix the following substances:

  1. Parmesan for Calcium
  2. Fresh yeast for Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
  3. Dry apricots/dry bananas for Potassium
  4. Sesame/Amonds for Magnesium
  5. Omega 3 capsules for EPA (Omega 3 lipid acids)
  6. PL-ZnO, PL-CO2
  7. Vitamin B12 if there is physical damage or if the child’s age is over 7 years


  1. Cut the components into pieces and place them in a heat-resistant, closed container (Jam jars)
  2. Add Caustic Soda in the same amount and pour boiling water. (Beware of splashes and possible overflows, wear heat-resistant gloves, safety glasses, operate in a ventilated area at the bottom of a sink).
  3. When there are no more reactions to soda, close the jar, wait at least 8 to 15 days, then filter all solid particles
  4. Collect the dark liquid and wash it several times, there must remain a white deposit which is GaNS, collect and pour it into a bottle with CO2 Liquid Plasma

Apply 1x/day in cold climates and 1x/2 days in hot climates. This Gans can also be used to facilitate the taking of the vaccine – especially in young children – and is part of the protocol for the nervous system, with ZnO, and CuO. The elements can also be taken individually.

Other indications: All disorders affecting the nervous system: Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cerebral sclerosis, brain surgery, hyperactivity with or without attention disorders, neonatal pain, polio, spinal cord injury, etc.

Wound treatment

By Caroline Keshe

Create the following never ending supply of the mixture for wound treatment:

  • 50% GaNSCO2 + 40% GaNS-ZnO + 10% GaNSCuO water; this is your never ending mix; take only the clear LP when the GaNS has settled to the ground; when the container is half empty, fill it back on with demineralized water
  • add 10 drops lavender 10 essential oil + 10 drops of chamomile + pinch of salt
  • put it all together in a blender for about 40 seconds


  1. spray on the wound
  2. add some to the drinking water
  3. make 3 small patches and put 2 on the wound and 1 in the back of the wound