… is a reaction to painful situations of the recent past.

The Alzheimer Protocol is applied for 21 days:

  1. 3x/day 30ml LP-CO2
  2. 2x/day 30ml LP-ZnO + 60ml LP-ZnO before bedtime
  3. Condition drinking water with a Patch-ZnO + CH3 (specific patch) for 4 hours before drinking it
  4. Inhale plasma fields of the same mixture through a Plasma Breather
  5. Wash the entire body and hair with LP-CO2+ZnO 3x/day.
  6. Use large LP-80%ZnO+20%CO2 (30% concentration) patches for the head, placed inside the pillow during the night. Place a small bottle with the same 100% LP at the head of the bed or on the bedside table.
  7. Do not try to bring them back to ‘normal’. Do evoke sweet and joyful memories; to arrange meetings with people with whom the patient feels confident; to stimulate all that can be positive for them, which could stimulate their senses.

If you want to use coils, use only zinc wire. Copper wire should not be used for psychological illnesses.

The universal helmet can also be used with patches (LP-Ca+K+Mg+folic acid); in the helmet tubes there is LP-CO2+ZnO. The helmet is used in addition to the Respir-Ô-Plasma and the LP to drink.

Please contact us to order the complete protocol by following this link.

You’ll find Abraham’s explanation of Alzheimer’s following this link.