La Science du Plasma et la Santé


Health as seen through the eyes of Plasma Science

We are more than the body. In fact we are not a body that has a soul, but we are a Soul that currently uses a body. However, we live simultaneously on three levels:

  • The soul that is on the spiritual level
    She is located in the centre of our brain. She is divine and shines eternally out of unconditional love like the sun. She is immutable, she cannot get sick or have an accident. We are the soul that experiences a body.
  • The emotional center or mind is at the energetic level
    The emotional center or mind is like a sphere around the soul. It acts as a filter that decides whether our body is healthy or sick.
  • The physical body is on the material plane
    Another sphere that surrounds the mind; the body is in fact the field where conflicts between the soul and the mind/ego manifest themselves in illness or accidents.

All healing is self-healing

There is only one disease; it is called resistance; the resistance of our mind to the Soul.
Our soul has only one goal – to see us happy and fulfilled. When we resist our soul, it gives us very clear signs that we are no longer on the right track. Here’s how this indoor GPS works:

  1. When we are in alignment with our Soul, we feel joyful, light, fulfilled, alive.
  2. When we leave the alignment our emotions become negative (fear, boredom, heaviness, anger, disturbance). These negative emotions tell us: “Stop going that way; turn and come back to your Source (the Soul)”. Then we can listen and return to positive, fulfilling thoughts.
  3. When we don’t listen to it, feelings come – often some kind of pain. The pain also wants us to stop continuing the suffering and turning around.
  4. When we do not listen to it, the sensations become supposedly chronic and manifest themselves as illness.

It is obvious that the earlier in the sequence we accept the clue and return to our source, the easier the reversal: it is possible for everyone to get out of the grip of a negative emotion but it is almost impossible to get our mind off a diagnosis of a terminal illness.

At the bottom of any illness is a vibratory discord: we want one thing (to live happily) but we believe something else (conditions do not allow us to achieve what we want). The Law of Attraction amplifies both at the same time, increasing the gap and tearing, the discomfort and the disease that follows. Therefore, vibratory discord must be treated better than the symptoms of the disease.

So you don’t need to be a doctor to treat your disease by yourself – you can trust that your body, every cell can do it. The health tools created by Plasma Science are designed to facilitate the self-healing process.
To better explain what happens in the event of illness and healing, follow this image: in a surge of love and co-creation the souls of our parents created our soul on an immaterial level. Then this new soul decided to incarnate on the material level; and the father’s sperm melted into the mother’s egg to initiate cell multiplication. So we have two’bodies’: a spiritual body that remains in the soul, invisible, immutable. He cannot change, not have an accident, illness, old age or death. Then we have the material copy of this celestial body, the body that develops according to what we know about biology and medicine.

If there were only the soul and the body without the mind that wants to judge and decide, our physical body (the copy of the celestial body) would always be perfectly adapted to its environment in order to provide the pleasure of life to our soul – its one and only purpose. But we have freedom of choice and so what happens to our body is determined by the judgment of our mind.

It’s simple: if we have thoughts that don’t serve us, our soul sends us an alarm sign that are negative emotions. If we listen to the message, we will seek pleasant thoughts and the emotion will change immediately. If, on the other hand, we do not listen to the soul’s message, it will be forced to speak louder, and it will then produce symptoms of illness, an accident or signs of old age. At that time we can still change our thoughts to pleasant thoughts and the symptoms will disappear. Often our scepticism does not allow this solution – so we have to use intermediaries.

An intermediary is the image of both bodies: in an illness or after an accident, the material copy, the physical body is no longer the same as the original. Both bodies naturally have a communication channel.
Through this channel, all the cells in our body know exactly their condition as well as the condition of our entire body. As soon as an imbalance is detected, the cells ask the invisible energies of the Universe (Plasma) to come and rebalance their state, i.e. to make the material copy once again identical to its original.
This communication channel is greatly facilitated by Plasma tools.

The personal self-healing sheet

To better understand your condition and how plasma tools can help you, send us a description of your condition and – later – we create your personal self-healing form that contains:

  1. a description (scientific and understandable) of your condition
  2. a description of your condition from a psychosomatic point of view
  3. Plasma tool proposals that you can use yourself

Order your Personal Healing Form in our FabShop.

Meditate regularly

Meditation helps us to disidentify ourselves from the mind and thus make the process of treatment more effective. The simplest method is to observe breathing. But there are a wide range of other meditation techniques. You can find an excellent choice through this link.

Plasma Tools

It is important to understand how Plasma tools work so as not to fall into the trap of the pharmaceutical industry: Plasma is not a pill that you take without understanding anything and hoping to be able to live with the symptoms.
Plasma treatment gives us the opportunity to understand how our body-mind system works; and from this knowledge it would be possible to treat the part of our body that is unbalanced.<

We wish you well-being with all our soul!
Peace and everything is fine!
aviram, Plasma-Laurentides