Unité Santé Magrav Sabrina2


Magrav Health Unit – Sabrina 2

By the Romanian Team

This device is primarily intended for processing rheumatoid arthritis. It is an adaptation of the Sabrina device, after an original idea put into practice at the centre of the Keshe Rumania Association in Bragadiru. The device is also effective for other health applications.


  1. Magrav Health Coil – left hand
  2. Magrav Health Coil – right hand
  3. Wooden box 250mm x 500mm x 100mm
  4. Indicator light HD16-22DS
  5. LED 10W
  6. Switch
  7. Magrav Health Coil – left foot
  8. Magra Health Coil – right foot
  9. Wooden box 250mm x 500mm x 150mm
  10. Isolation transformer max 25VA

The Magrav health coils are composed of an inner coil (81turns) and an outer coil (144 turns).

This device includes 4 sets of Magrav type coils for health applications. These coils are mounted perpendicularly. Two Magrav coils are connected in a circuit for the hands and two Magrav coils for the circuit of the feet. The two circuits are connected in parallel. Each circuit has 2x double coils, 1x LED indicator light, 1x 10W light bulb and 1x on/off switch; all installed in a large wooden box.

The two boxes are mounted on 2x wooden legs so that the hands and the feet can be placed comfortably on the device.

The Magrav health coils are nano-coated with the hot caustic method. The nano-coating period was longer than 2 months.

A mixture of equal parts of GaNS-CO2 (made with Cu-np coil and a Zn-coil, 12cm apart, connected by a red LED, 5% salinity solution) and GaNS-ZnO (made in the same way except that the LED is replaced by a twisted wire connection) is then prepared. The 2 GaNS are poured into a jar and mixed: 30% GaNS + 70% LP-CO2+ZnO.

The coils were dipped into that mixture and allowed to dry afterwards.


The inner coil is horizontal. The entry (B) of the inner coil is oriented towards the entry of the outer coil to which it is directly connected. Furthermore the coils in each box are installed so they mirror each other – like our hands and our feet.

All connections inside the Magrav coils and between the coils are made by placing the straight ends of the coils next to each other and connecting them with a 3.2mm heat shrink tube. This connection protects the nano-layers. The 4 pairs of Magrav coils are mounted on custom made wooden supports.

The electric input into the device is provided by galvanic isolation transformer, which completely eliminates the possibility of electric shocks. This satisfies EU certification standards.

For proper operation of the device, it is necessary to follow the manufacturing procedure as well as the connections. You may need to identify the phase (L) and the neutral (N) of the wall socket.


The user should sit comfortably and relaxed on a chair in front of the device. Wear thin latex gloves. The palms are placed on the two coils with the thumb of each hand inserted into the empty area under the coil. The feet are placed as well on the two coils at the bottom of the device. Put a thin plastic foil (saran wrap) to prevent direct contact of the skin and the nano-particles.

The length of a session should not exceed 20 minutes, initially without any led bulbs. Led bulbs are added later (not exceeding 10W), taking into account the user’s condition and his reactions to prevent any discomfort.


  • N.C. female, 23 years old, with rheumatoid arthritis. Right knee inflamed and locked at 160º. The doctor suggested Metrotrexal for life; acupuncture and physio-therapy yielded only slight improvements.
    She took two sessions of 3x 30min with breaks of 5-10min in between. She experienced tingling sensations in hands and emotional stillness; her condition improved gradually. For further session, a 10W DEL was installed in the bottom and a 9W DEL in the top. Her condition continued to improve. She felt tingling in her sick leg; her leg straightened for the first time after two years. The leg went back and forth between straight and bent to finally settle straight. Inflammation receding. After 4 month of treatment she walks 12km every day.
  • I.R. female, 43 years old suffering from severe migraine. After using the Sabrina2 for 1 hour/day for one week, the headaches ceased.
  • D.N. female, 63 years old suffering from lumbar and thoracic back pain for a long time. After using Sabrina2 for 4 consecutive days, the backaches had disappeared.
  • V.A. male, 41 years old suffering from acute migraine. After using Sabrina2 the symptoms worsened but after using the device 3x for 3-4minutes, he went to bed, fell asleep and after 3 hours, he woke up with all the symptoms gone.