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Protocol avec GaNS perso de sécrétion des éruptions[:en]


From Keshe Plasma Times, january 2019

Herpes is the common word for the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

The evolutionary cycle of HSV

  1. The process starts in the brain when the soul initiates a dream to let suppressed memories re-surface in order to bring the into the consciousness and to let them go.
  2. This dream energy, often a nightmare with a death threat, creates this energy package that we call a virus.
  3. The virus first appears at the intersection of the lips and mucous skin inside the mouth. Generally all intersections between two different skin types are more fragile, and constitute a weak point. The reference of the mouth is important because it indicates that the soul tries to tell the mind to express what has been suppressed and is festering since inside the human body mind system.
  4. It travels through the middle layer of the different skins of the body to the brain. Remember that the skin is an extension of the brain. Each time the virus succeeds in transgressing from one skin into another, it becomes stronger as it needs to be able to sustain different body fluid environments. The virus keeps on accumulating strength until it reaches the brain where it has gotten the strength of the memory. It then initiates Alzheimer’s Disease (AD); as it scrambles all memory impulses so the person cannot use the memory anymore.

HSV type1 is weaker (80% oral and 20% genital and other outbreaks); type 2 is stronger and is responsible 20% for oral and 80% for genital symptoms.

This HSV is just like any other virus an energy pack with the strength of DNA; it has the ability to link itself to the amino acids of the human body. It can attack all orifices of the body (mouth, oesophagus, pylorus, sphincter, genitals).

HSV doesn’t come from the outside but is a creation of the human soul.


  • Mix the fluid from herpes blisters with 50% LP-CO2 and 50% LP-ZnO; or use the fluid in a standard GaNS-CO2 producition
  • HSV is very specific to each individual; that’s why you have to make a new GaNS for each person
  • Instead of using patches, apply the LP mix (point 1) with cotton swabs on affected areas of the body 3x/day; leave the swabs there for not longer than 30 minutes
  • The GaNS-hsv cannot be used preventive, because the virus is specific to the individual