[:fr]Système Immunitaire[:en]Autoimmune System[:]



Auto-immune disorders

The body’s immune system is controlled by the bone marrow.

Plasma Treatment

Put patches of LP-CO2 adding a few drops of LP-CuO, ZnO on both the femurs.

Psychosomatic Infos

The immune system is directly related to my emotional states, and a deep pain in my existence can dramatically reduce the strength of the immune system. The immune system takes care of my reference system and therefore of who I am, my individuality or my personality. It guards my fortress (physical and emotional) and deploys its resistance when it must combat an enemy. Do I have concepts of animosity + need for control or friendliness + trust towards the world in which I live?

The immune system responds to my feelings and to all my thoughts, whether positive or negative. Thus, all thoughts of anger, bitterness, hate, resentment and self-destruction will tend to weaken my immune system. On the other hand, all thoughts of Love, harmony, beauty and inner peace will tend to reinforce my immune system.

This system can become weakened if am doubting the place and respect towards myself. This may originate from the uncertainty I experienced in my childhood toward my parents.